• Archaeological conservation from excavation to storage.
  • Museum collections
  • Conservation of historical, ethnographic and museum objects.
  • Large object conservation.
  • Natural history conservation.
  • Conservation of historic house collections.
  • Conservation of waterlogged materials.
  • Exhibition and loan support.
  • X-ray facilities available.

Collections Care

  • Collections care advice and guidance.
  • Rationalisation projects
  • Disaster management.
  • Environmental monitoring and pest management.
  • Benchmark assessments, audits and collections decant.
  • Surveys, management plans and collection health checks.


  • First aid for archaeological finds workshop pdf
  • Care of collections.

Project Management

  • Project management, coordination and exhibition advice for any size project.
  • Secretariat and coordination functions for groups and organisations.
  • Development of research designs for archaeological assemblages.

Research/ Publication

  • Research, writing and editing for publication, broadcast and project documentation.
  • Communications.


  • Education, outreach and heritage interpretation, conference speaking.


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